Corporation Labor and
Social Security Attorney

Executive History

After serving in the Human Resource Department of various foreign banks and securities companies, Kamioka passed the Social Insurance and Labor Examination in 2000. In 2002, she passed all sections of the Certified Public Accountant Examination of the United States and the financial planner examination. Kamioka currently works with Japanese and overseas companies to provide management and labor consultations tailored to meet each company’s needs.

Particularly in wage and assessment systems, Kamioka has created many original HR systems using variables such as annual salary, competency, balance score cards, and target management to contribute immensely to revitalizing client companies and to their business success.

Kamioka provides multifaceted support to companies by actively implementing discretionary labor systems tailored to each working style and establishing company regulations, while also proposing internal systems that enable the employees to maintain a work life balance.

Her strengths in adapting to globalization and her ability to provide labor consultations and prepare anti-risk employment regulations in English for foreign companies has made her a highly reputable figure in her industry.


  • Labor and Social Security Attorney
  • Financial Planner
  • Passed all sections of the Certified Public Accountant Examination of the United States

1. Preparation and guidance for employment regulations and other regulations

Our strengths are in the design and operational follow-up of HR systems that take into consideration the differences in labor laws between Japan and the US and Europe. MASHR staff communicate in English with the non-Japanese employees in our client’s Japan offices and their HR staff at their main overseas offices, from the initial discussion phase right up to delivery.
 In this way, we deliver the kind of support that is only possible with MASHR.
●Establishment of employment contracts and regulations required for a foreign company to start operations in Japan 
●Formulation and review of employment regulations Guidance for maintenance and for managers

2. HR and Labor Consultations

Companies take the risk of experiencing major difficulties if they do not use a consultant for labor issues. Please contact us before taking action. Please refer to our past labor consultation cases. 
●Consultations on employment contracts 
●Consultations on the payment of overtime allowance 
●Proving solving relating to work hours, holidays, and vacations 
●Proving solving relating to dismissals and resignations Etc. 

3. Training / Seminars / Evaluation Training

Staff in management positions must have a new set of skills to deal with this age of globalization and information networks. The first step in improving business performance is to improve the skills of those in management positions. 
●Executive and management / employee training Information-management seminars
● Retirement-preparation seminars for senior employees 

4. Consulting for a Work-life Balance

It is critical that you create a workplace that allows employees to balance their work and home lives if you intend to hire talented candidates who will make long-term contributions to your company. Why not incorporate this into your management strategy? 
●Implementing systems for variable working hours, discretionary labor, and flex time
● Calculating labor costs for continuous employment and designing a salary system 
●Responding to instructions for corrective action issued by labor standards offices (introducing systems for working hours and fixed overwork allowances)